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Preliminary Program
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  Tuesday, 24th May 2016
17:00 Conference Registration at Hotel Commundo
18:30 Welcome Reception at Hotel Commundo
  Wednesday, 25th May 2016
8:00 Registration
8:45 Conference Opening, Welcome and Introduction: E. Westkämper (University of Stuttgart)
9:00 Keynote: Industrie 4.0 - From the perspective of applied research, R. Neugebauer (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft)
9:30 Keynote: n.n., Th. Bauernhansl (University of Stuttgart)
10:00 Coffee Break
Sessions A1 Challenges, Strategies
Changes in Manufacturing
B1 Industrie 4.0
Infrastructural Frameworks
C1 Learning Teaching Factories
Learning Assistance
E1 Manufacturing Planning
I1 Modelling Simulation
Production-oriented Product Development
10:30 Ecosystems, business strategy and business models in the age of digitization: How the manufacturing industry is going to change its logic
D. Paulus-Rohmer, H. Schatton, Th. Bauernhansl (DE)
The Application Center Industrie 4.0 - Industry-driven manufacturing, research and development
M. Landherr, U. Schneider, Th. Bauernhansl (DE)
The Teaching Factory: A Manufacturing Education Paradigm
G. Chryssolouris, D. Mavrikios, L. Rentzos (GR)
A Performance Measurement System For Global Manufacturing Networks
B. Sager, S. Hawer, G. Reinhart (DE)
A Meta-Model for Analyzing the Influence of Production-Related Business Processes
C. Lock, G. Reinhart (Technische Universität München (DE)
11:00 Study Based Analysis on the Current Digitalization Degree in the Manufacturing Industry in Germany
E. Bogner, Th. Voelklein, O. Schroedel, J. Franke (DE)
CyProF - Insights from a Framework for Designing Cyber-Physical Systems in Production Environments
D. Kolberg, Ch. Berger, B.-C. Pirvu, M. Franke, J. Michniewicz (DE)
Learning and knowledge systems in product development environments
G. Ringen, T. Welo, E. Osterbo (NO)
Robustness- and complexity-oriented characterization of supply networks" structures
J. Monostori (HU)
Quantifying the degree of assembly-readiness of high-variant low-volume products during the new product development process
T. Steinhaeusser, G. Reinhart (DE)
11:30 Enablers for integration to enable more adaptable value chains
I. Gamme (NO)
A Framework for Information-driven Manufacturing
M. Friedemann, T. U. Trapp, J. Stoldt, T. Langer, M. Putz (DE)
Optimized Adaptive Scheduling of a Manufacturing Process System with Multi-Skill Workforce and Multiple Machine Types: An Ontology-Based, Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Approach
S. Qu, J. Wang, S. Govil, J. Leckie (US)
Multi-criterial selection of track and trace technologies for an anti-counterfeiting strategy
E. Gossen, E. Abele, M. Rauscher (DE)
Increase of Capacity Flexibility in Manufacturing Systems by Substitution of Product Functions
Ph. Holtewert, Th. Bauernhansl (DE)
12:00 Lunch
Sessions A2 Challenges, Strategies
Manufacturing Strategies
B2 Industrie 4.0
Complexity by Digitization
C2 Learning Teaching Factories
Knowledge Work in Future Manufacturing
E2 Manufacturing Planning
I2 Modelling Simulation
Risk- and Time-oriented Optimization
13:30 Efficiency potentials and the extended regional infrastructure: requirements for a management model
B. Kuch (DE)
Determination of the optimal degree of autonomy in a cyber-physical production system
N. Gronau, H. Theuer (DE)
Analysis of critical factors for automatic measurement of OEE
R. Hedman, M. Subramaniyan, P. Almström (SE)
Towards the Investigation of Production Order Interdependency Effects on Logistics Performance
V. Vican, J. Bendul (DE)
Monetary Quantification of Supply Risks of Manufacturing Enterprises - Discrete Event Simulation Based Approach
J. Ph. von Cube, L. Härtel, R. Schmitt, Ch. Ponsard, Ph. Massonet, R. De Landtsheer, G. Ospina, S. Printz, S. Jeschke (DE)
14:00 Risk efficient migration strategies in global production network
E. Moser, N. Stricker, G. Lanza (DE)
Advanced complexity management strategic recommendations of handling the "Industrie 4.0" complexity for small and medium enterprises
J. M. Jäger, O. Schöllhammer, M. Lickefett, Th. Bauernhansl (DE)
A Virtual Reality Application to Attract Young Talents to Manufacturing
A. Stratos, L. Rentzos, D. Mavrikios, K. Georgoulias, D. Mourtzis, G. Chryssolouris (GR)
Integrated production and transportation scheduling for multi-objective green supply chain network design
Y. Tanimizu, K. Amano (JP)
Model-Based Decision Support in Supply Chains – Requirements for Monetary Supply Risk Quantification
J. Ph. von Cube, L. Härtel, R. Schmitt (DE)
14:30   A Novel Methodology for Manufacturing Firms Value Modeling and Mapping to Improve Operational Performance in the Industry 4.0 era
F. Tonelli, M. Demartini, A. Lolelo, C. Testa (IT)
The Lean Brain Theory. Brain-like Lean Manufacturing Systems
J. Villalba-Diez, J. Ordieres-Mere, S. Rubio-Valdehita (SE)
Controlling Myopic Behavior in Distributed Production Systems - A Design Framework
H. Blunck, J. Ch. Bendul (DE)
Simulation-based Flexible Layout Planning Considering Stochastic Effects
D. Gyulai, A. Szaller, Z. J. Viharos (HU)
15:00 Coffee Break
Sessions D1 Manufacturing Engineering
B3 Industrie 4.0
Cyber-physical Integration
H1 Assembly
Assembly System Felxibility
E3 Manufacturing Planning
Maintenance & Commissioning
I3 Modelling Simulation
(Big) Data Pro-cessing in Manufacturing
15:30 Resilience of productions systems by adapting temporal or spatial organization
U. Bergmann, M. Heinicke (DE)
Industrie 4.0: Using cyber-physical systems for value-stream based production evaluation
E. Tantik, R. Anderl (DE)
Modularity as Key Enabler for Scalability of Final Assembly Units in the Automotive Sector
J. Weber, M. Stäbler, S. Thielen, K. Paetzold (DE)
Situation based Methodology for Planning the Commissioning of Special Machinery using Bayesian Networks
S. Poeschl, F. Wirth, Th. Bauernhansl (DE)
A Proposal Simulation Method towards Continuous Improvement in Discrete Manufacturing
V. E. de Oliveira Gomes, l. Gonzaga Trabasso (BR)
16:00 Drivers and Barriers of Lean Implementation in the Greek Manufacturing Sector
K. Salonitis, Ch. Tsinopoulos (UK)
Towards a Rule-Based Manufacturing Integration Assistant
M. Wieland, P. Hirmer, F. Steimle, Ch. Gröger, B. Mitschang, E. Rehder, D. Lucke, O. Abdul-Rahman, Th. Bauernhansl (DE)
Manufacturing System Flexibility: Sequence Flexibility Assessment
M. Lafou, L. Mathieu, S. Pois, M. Alochet (FR)
Condition-based Maintenance: Model vs. Statistics A Performance Comparison
M. Engeler, D. Treyer, D. Zogg, A. Kunz, K. Wegener (CH)
Usage of analytical services in industry today and tomorrow
E. Colangelo, Th. Bauernhansl (DE)
16:30 Manufacturing system lean improvement design using discrete event simulation
O. Omogbai, K. Salonitis (UK)
Software Defined Manufacturing: A Vision of Flexible Cloud Manufacturing for Industry 4.0
J. Lane Thames, D. Schaefer (US)
A Comparison of the Manufacturing Resilience between Fixed Automation Systems and Mobile Robots in Large Structure Assembly
S. Ljasenko, N. Lohse, L. Justham (UK)
A holistic approach for quality oriented maintenance planning supported by data mining methods
R. Glawar, Z. Kemeny, T. Nemeth, K. Matyas, L. Monostori, W. Sihn (AT)
A telemetry-driven approach to simulate data-intensive manufacturing processes
G. Modoni, M. Sacco, W. Terkaj (IT)
17:00 Lean Automation System Responding to the Changing Market
Y. Yamazaki, S. Takata, H. Onari, F. Kojima, S. Kato (JP)
Agile Service-oriented Analysis and Design of Industrial Internet Applications
Th. Usländer (DE)
Autoclave cycle optimization for resource efficient composite parts manufacturing
L. Nelea, A. Caggiano, R. Teti (IT)
Management and planning of tools maintenance activities in a metalworking
C. R. Pires, I. Lopes, J. A. Oliveira (PT)
A Novel approach for Mission Reliability Modeling of Manufacturing System Based on the State Change of Machines and Materials
C. Gu, Y. He, X. Han (CN)
19:00 Evening Activities
meeting point in front of the conference venue
  Thursday, 26th May 2016
Sessions D2 Manufacturing Engineering
Virtual Reality
B4 Industrie 4.0
IT Interfaces
H2 Assembly
Assembly in Automotive
E4 Manufacturing Planning
G1 Technical Intelligence
8:30 Recognition of one class of quadrics from 3D point clouds
Z. Jakovljevic, V. Markovic, R. Puzovic, V. Majstorovic (RS)
A Computational Framework for Cloud-Based Machine Prognosis
P. Wang, R. Gao, D. Wu, J. Terpenny (US)
Planning of workstations in a modular automotive assembly system
W. Kern, F. Rusitschka, Th. Bauernhansl (DE)
Employing order allocation flexibility in cyber-physical production systems
D. Horstkemper, B. Hellingrath (DE)
Agent-based control system methodology for Reconfigurable Bending Press Machine
O. Tijani Adenuga, K. Mpofu, M. Kanisuru Adeyeri (ZA)
9:00 Improving manufacturing process change by 3D visualization support: A pilot study on truck production
L. Gong, J. Berglund, Z. Wang, J. Larborn, A. Skoogh, B. Johansson (SE)
OPC UA & Industrie 4.0 - enabling technology with high diversity and variability
M. Schleipen, S.-S. Gilani, T. Bischoff, J. Pfrommer (DE)
Complexity-focused planning and operating of mixed-model assembly lines in automotive manufacturing
S. Keckl, A. Abou-Haydar, E. Westkämper (DE)
Adaptive Job-Shop Control using Resource Accounts
M. Niehues, P. Sellmaier, T. Steinhaeusser, R. Gunther (DE)
Vacuum Assisted Multipoint Moulding - A Reconfigurable Tooling Technology for Producing Spatially Curved Single-Item CFRP Panels
M. S. J. Wimmer, M. Lusic, Ch. Maurer (DE)
9:30 Virtual reality based time and motion study with support for real walking
A. Kunz, M. Zank, Th. Nescher, K. Wegener (CH)
A systematic approach to OPC UA information model design
F. Pauker, Th. Frühwirth, B. Kittl, W. Kastner (AT)
Method for a cross-architecture assembly line planning in the automotive industry with focus on modularized, order flexible, economical and adaptable assembly processes
Ch. Küber, E. Westkämper, B. Keller, H.-F. Jacobi (DE)
A heuristic optimisation approach for the scheduling of integrated manufacturing and distribution systems
J. Ehm, M. Freitag, E. Morosini Frazzon (DE)
Computational Design Synthesis of reconfigurable cellular manufacturing systems: a design engineering model
J. Unglert, J. Jauregui-Becker, S. Hoekstra (NL)
10:00 Coffee Break
Sessions D3 Manufacturing Engineering
Product Features
B5 Industrie 4.0
Socio-technical Aspects
H3 Assembly
Evaluation of Assembly Systems
E5 Manufacturing Planning
G2 Technical Intelligence
Manufacturing Data and Control
10:30 Consistency check of the functional solution model in special purpose machinery
T. Helbig, J. Hoos, E. Westkämper (DE)
A Model based Visualization Framework for Cross Discipline Collaboration in Industry 4.0 Scenarios
J. Herter, J. Ovtcharova (DE)
Hybrid multi-optimization method for solving simultaneously the line balancing, equipment and buffer sizing problem for hybrid assembly systems
J. Oesterle, Th. Bauernhansl, L. Amodeo (DE)
Event-driven production planning and control based on individual customer orders
G. Kasakow, N. Menck, J. C. Aurich (DE)
Model for Cutting Tools Usage Tracking by On-line Data Capturing and Analysis
J. Lenz, D. Brenner, E. Westkämper (DE)
11:00 A framework for value-optimized design of product features
P. Amini, B. Falk, R. Schmit (DE)
Future trends in human work area design for cyber-physical production systems (CPPS)
T. Becker, H. Stern (DE)
Linear Constraint Programming for Cost-Optimized Configuration of Modular Assembly Systems
P. D. Anandan, V. Hiwarkar, M. Sayed, P. Ferreira, N. Lohse (UK)
Simulative Assessment of Agent based Production Planning and Control Strategies
D. Kurle, S. Blume, T. Zurawski, S. Thiede (DE)
System of high-performance cutting with enhanced combined effect of cooling and lubrication medium based on Ranque-Hilsch Effect
A. Naumov, A. Vereschaka, A. Batako, А. Vereschaka (RU)
11:30 Systematic Improvement of Supplier Integration within the Product Development Process
U. Dombrowski, A. Karl (DE)
A Modular Architecture for the Design of Condition Monitoring Processes
H. Fleischmann, J. Kohl, J. Franke (DE)
Hydrogen fuel cell pick and place assembly systems: Heuristic evaluation of reconfigurability and suitability
M. Ahmad, B. Alkan, B. Ahmad, D. Vera, J. Meredith, A. Bindel, R. Harrison (UK)
Simulation-based Production Planning and Execution Control for Reconfigurable Assembly Cells
D. Gyulai, A. Pfeiffer, B. Kadar, L.Monostori (HU)
Trajectory Planning for Reconfigurable Industrial Robots Designed to Operate in a High Precision Manufacturing Industry
O. Avram, A. Valente (CH)
12:00 Lunch
Sessions D4 Manufacturing Engineering
Early Phases
J1 Zero Defect Quality
Quality Prediction
H4 Assembly
Assistance Systems
E6 Manufacturing Planning
G3 Technical Intelligence
Robotic Task Planning
13:30 Approach for an integrated planning of manufacturing systems based on early phases of product development
C. F. D. Steimer, M. Cadet, J. C. Aurich, N. Stephan (DE)
Augmenting milling process data for shape error prediction
B. Denkena, M.-A. Dittrich, F. Uhlich (DE)
Static versus dynamic provision of worker information in manual assembly: a comparative study using eye tracking to investigate the impact on productivity and added value based on industrial case examples
M.Lusic, Ch. Fischer, K. Schmutzer Braz, M. Alam, R. Hornfeck, J. Franke (DE)
A New Model for Sustainable Changeability and Production Planning
S. Ghanei, T. AlGeddawy (US)
Intelligent tools for predictive process control
H.-Ch. Möhring, Q. Phuc Nguyen, A. Kuhlmann, Ch. Lerez, L. Trung Nguyen, S. Misch (DE)
14:00 Assessment of Aero Engine Assemblability during Preliminary Design
J. Rendle, S. Staudacher (DE)
Analytical approach for the examination of the feasibility of rework in flow assembly lines
W. Tönnes, J. Hegel, E. Westkämper (DE)
Usage Frequency and User-Friendliness of Mobile Devices in Assembly
S. Vernim, G. Reinhart (DE)
A research on optimization method for integrating component selection and production scheduling under mass customization
S. Suginouchi, T. Kaihara, D. Kokuryo, S. Kuik (JP)
Detection of workpiece shape deviations for tool path adaptation in robotic deburring systems
A. Kuss, D. Manuel, A. Verl (DE)
14:30 Assessing the Impact of Changes and their Knock-on Effects in Manufacturing Systems
Ch. Plehn, F. Stein, R. de Neufville, G. Reinhart (DE)
A Data-Based Approach for Quality Regulation
Q. Hao Ngo, R. Schmitt (DE)
Towards feature-based human-robot assembly process planning
C. Kardos, A. Kovacs, J. Vancza (HU)
Customer-oriented Production System for Supplier Companies in CTO
P. Dallasega, P. Rally, E. Rauch, D. T. Matt (IT)
On a human and dual-arm robot task planning method
P. Tsarouchi, S. Makris, G. Chryssolouris (GR)
15:00 Coffee Break
Sessions D5 Manufacturing Engineering
Tools & Methods
J2 Zero Defect Quality
Virtual Optimisation
K1 Lean, Clean, Green
E7 Manufacturing Planning
Shop Floor
G4 Technical Intelligence
Information Retrieval in Process Control
15:30 The use of engineering tools and methods in maintenance organisations: mapping the current state in the manufacturing industry
J. Bokrantz, A. Skoogh, T. Ylipää (SE)
Virtual optimisation of CAI process parameters for the sculptured surface inspection
T. Sibalija, S. Zivkovic, N. Fountas, V. Majstorovic, J. Macuzic, N. Vaxevanidis (RS)
Barriers to lean implementation:perception of top managers, middle managers and workers
E. Lodgaard, J. A. Ingvaldsen, I. Gamme, S. Aschehoug (NO)
Designing Manufacturing Dashboards on the Basis of a Key Performance Indicator Survey
H. Tokola, Ch. Gröger, E. Järvenpää, E. Niemi (FI)
Mode decoupled cutting force monitoring by applying multi encoder based disturbance observer
Y. Yamada, Y. Kakinuma (JP)
16:00 E-catalogue library of machines for constructing virtual printed-circuit assembly lines
M. Matsuda, S. Matsumoto, N. Noyama, Y. Sudo, F. Kimura (JP)
Virtual metrology concept for predicting defect levels in semiconductor manufacturing
A. A. Ul Haq, D. Djurdjanovic (US)
Link mechanisms within the Lean Enterprise
U. Dombrowski, P. Krenkel, D. Ebentreich (DE)
Recording Shop Floor Management Competencies - A Guideline for a Systematic Competency Gap Analysis
Ch. Hertle, M. Tisch, H. Kläs, J. Metternich, E. Abele (DE)
Development of Turning Machine Operation Interface that Uses Haptic Device (Application to Complicated Cutting by Special Byte)
K. Morishige, M. Nakada (JP)
16:30 Quality Management for Battery Production: A Quality Gate Concept
J. Schnell, G. Reinhart (DE)
Method for classification of battery separator defects
J. Huber, Ch. Tammer, S. Krotil, S. Waidmann, X. Hao, Ch. Seidel, G. Reinhart (DE)
Impact analyses of lean production systems
U. Dombrowski, D. Ebentreich, P. Krenkel (DE)
Global Truck Production - The Importance of Having a Robust Manufacturing Preparation Process
P. E. Ch. Johansson, F. Delin, S. Jansson, L. Moestam, A. Fast-Berglund (SE)
Burr minimisation in face milling with optimised tool path
G. Poka, I. Nemeth, G. Matyási (HU)
17:00   Development of Simulation System for Compliance Function and Measurement of Residual Stress for Al 2124-T851 plate
H. Xiaoming, S. Jie, L. Jianfeng, Z. Chang‘an (CN)
The Eco Lean method - A combined approach for low cost economic and ecologic optimization in the manufacturing industry
R. Miehe, I. Bogdanov, R. Schneider, M. Hirsch, Th. Bauernhansl, E. Pawlik, R.z Horbal (DE)
Energy consumption estimation for machining processes based on real-time shop floor monitoring via wireless sensor networks
D. Mourtzis, E. Vlachou, N. Milas, G. Dimitrakopoulos (GR)
Sensorless tool collision detection for multi-axis machine tools by integration of disturbance information
T. Shigematsu, R. Koike, Y. Kakinuma, T. Aoyama, K. Ohnishi (JP)
19:00 Conference Dinner
bus tranfer starts at 18:25
  Friday, 27th May 2016
Sessions L1 Life Cycle Managment and Services
Life Cycle Assessment
  K2 Lean, Clean, Green
Energy Consumption
F1 New Technologies
Additive Manufacturing
G5 Technical Intelligence
Systemic Comprehension
8:30 Production support model to manage market demand volatility risks
A. Johansson, L. Pejryd, L. Gustavsson Christiernin (SE)
  A calculation method of embodied carbon-energy for low-carbon products
Q. Lu, G. Zhou, J. Zhu (CN)
Investigation of deviations caused by powder compaction during 3D printing
Ch. Schmutzler, C. Boeker, M. F. Zaeh (DE)
A Framework for Integration of Additive Manufacturing Technologies in Production Networks
P. Spalt, Th. Bauernhansl (DE)
9:00 Resource optimized product design - Assessment of a product"s life cycle resource efficiency by combining LCA and PLM in the product development
N. Ko, R. Graf, To. Buchert, M. Kim, D. Wehner (DE)
  Understanding sustainability data through unit manufacturing process representations: a case study on stone production
L. Rebouillat, I. G. Barletta, B. Johansson, M. Mani, W. Bernstein, KC. Morris, K. Lyons (SE)
Distributed Manufacturing of Spare Parts based on Additive Manufacturing: Use Cases and Technical Aspects
L. F. Durao, A. Christ, R. Anderl, K. Schützer, E. Zancul (BR)
Operation-oriented One-piece-flow Manufacturing: Autonomous and Smart Systems as Enabler for a Full-meshed Production Network
M. Scholz, S. Kolb, J. Franke (DE)
9:30 Maintenance decision support for manufacturing systems based on the minimization of the life cycle cost
A. Reina, A. Kocsis, A. Merlo, I. Nemeth, F. Aggogeri (IT)
  Energy flexible machine tool components - an investigation of capabilities
R. Popp, C. Liebl, M. Zaeh (DE)
A design framework to replace conventional manufacturing processes with additive manufacturing for structural components: A formula student case study
H. Bikas, J. Stavridis, P. Stavropoulos, Ge. Chryssolouris (GR)
Dynamic Agent-based Bi-objective Robustness for Tardiness and Energy in a Dynamic Flexible Job Shop
A. Mathkar Alotaibi, N. Lohse, T. Manh Vu (UK)
10:00 Coffee Break
Sessions L2 Life Cycle Managment and Services
End-of-Life Consideration
  K3 Lean, Clean, Green
Energy Consumption
F2 New Technologies
Improving Manufacturing Processes
10:30 Management of social and ethical impacts from the product life cycle of high end wrought aluminum products
S. H. Aschehoug, K. O. Schulte, M. M. Bjornbet (NO)
  Enabling Energy-Flexibility of Manufacturing Systems through New Approaches within Production Planning and Control
F. Keller, C. Schultz, S. Braunreuther, G. Reinhart (DE)
Increasing cost and eco efficiency for selective tape placement and forming by adaptive process design
Ch. Brecher, R. Schmitt, F. Lindner, T. Peters, M. Emonts, M. Grosse Böckmann (DE)
11:00 Disassembly Line Planning Through the Generation of End-of-Life Handling Information from Design Files
G. Pintzos, M. Matsas, N. Papakostas, D. Mourtzis (GR)
  Implementing Key Performance Indicators for Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing
Ch. Schmidt, W. Li, S. Thiede, B. Kornfeld, S. Kara, Ch. Herrmann (DE)
Increasing productivity in grasping electrodes in lithium-ion battery manufacturing
A. Glodde, R. Schroeder, M. Aydemir, G. Seliger (DE)
11:30 Method for assessing the total cost of ownership of industrial robots
S. A. Landscheidt, M. Kans (SE)
  The influence of raw material on the wood products manufacturing
R. Salim, J. Johansson (SE)
Investigation on distortion mechanism and correcting load calculation method for aluminum beam structure by bilateral slid rolling process
L. Lu, J. Sun (CN)
12:00 Plenary: Future Perspectives for Adding Value, e.Westkämper (University of Stuttgart)
12:30 Lunch